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Coffee House Without Limits began as a city slogan, a theme song, a Facebook page. What has grown out of these early ideas and dreams has become a community-minded home away from home to meet, relax, make art, and enjoy some hot coffee while you’re at it.

We are more than just a coffee shop – we are a community building shop, a maker space, and a fantastic place to build relationships and support each other. Our regulars are neighbors, friends, business owners, artists, families, and anyone who wanders in and feel at home.

We’re a local, independent business. We’re proud to be your neighbors, and we’re proud to keep you caffeinated.

We traveled the country for years playing music, meeting people, and exploring a world of show spaces, coffee shops and local, community-minded businesses. When we landed in Allentown – The City Without Limits, as the sign said – it felt like coming home. We set up shop in the historic 10th Ward in 2016, in a transitional neighborhood that hadn’t seen a coffee house in years, and opened our doors to the world.

What we serve…

We offer free wifi in our livingroom-esque atmosphere, and serve vegetarian and vegan fare, coffee, teas, espresso drinks, baked goods and more. Check out our calendar for upcoming events, and join our community.

Our decision to build a coffee bar in the shop invites conversation – we have built trusting relationships with our regulars, swapped life stories, and shared tears. We have opened ears, hearts and doors to those looking for a place to be in moments or struggle, joy, or rest.

Our shelves are stacked with board games, books for borrowing, and a Zine Library. We have extended our space into an additional room for quieter working, where we also installed a Community Fridge for those looking to donate or pick up some food for the week. We have a Pay It Forward Board where patrons can donate a little extra for someone who may come in and not have enough money for a drink or a bagel.

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Coffee House Without Limits
Address: 707 N 4th St, Allentown, PA 18102

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